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Technical Features

Working with Best Of Programs means you are working with an American company!  Authored and made in America, with headquarters in Oregon.  We are part of Nerus Strategies.

Core Features

Explore all of our Core Features.

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Geo Targeting

We can deliver the most relevant content to the site visitor.  Google Maps homepage delivers search with personalized location pin icons.  Rich content is delivered to the visitor for the market they are visiting from or would like to visit.  Content filters through based on the user’s location using geo-targeting.  Banner ads are also geo-targeted.

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Who Should Hire Us

Learn more about what category of business has the best opportunity for increased revenue.

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Working With Data

We support the ability to import/export existing classifieds or articles in a csv file.  Any fielded data can be imported from spreadsheets or front end systems.  We also support your InDesign & Quark formats so we can export data so you don’t have to copy & paste!

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Multi Site Management

Let's be fair. Managing one site is a headache, and by adding a few more to mix, what do you have? Have no fear because we have multi-site manager capabilities, which, in a nutshell, means you can manage more than one installation or theme from a single unified interface - now that's handy.

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We roll with the best modern technology and frameworks to ensure the barrier for entry is as low as possible.

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