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The Best Best Of Experience

Delivering Results Year-round

So often, with a Best Of program, your energy is constrained to one brief period of the year.  Now you can deliver a year-round best in class Best Of experience for your advertisers, simply and easily. Manage your site with an intuitive interface. It's super simple to use for both beginners and developers. With features like Images, Video, and Special Deals or Offers, it’s a one-stop shop for media organizations looking to setup their online experience.  Your experience can be guided through a sales channel and even include self-service.

All The Options!

Listings have all the features you could ever want - descriptions, photos, maps, video, categories, keywords, hours and more.

Beautiful Interface

Multi-tab layout organizes your information in such a way that visitors can find what they are looking for and make purchase decisions.

Customize On The Go!

Customize the listing fields to match your data: create a Best In Health, Best for Christmas and Best for Legal, Best Restaurant.  Simple and fast!

Content Moderation

Advertisers can submit the listings themselves, saving you time and effort. You can approve the listing prior to them going live to ensure quality of the content.

Claims & Nominations

If you have a current database of your winners we can easily import the listings.  Once nominated advertisers "claim" their listing to be included with future participation.  All done from a self-service panel by the advertiser or your sales team!

Multiple Levels

Configure multiple listing levels, showing fields like video or images only for the upgraded listings. You have full flexibility to configure and price what is in each level.

Badging from your best of program is proudly displayed next to each winner!

Feature Rich Content!

Every nomination gets a page they can update!

  1. Winners get logos & badging

  2. Plenty of room for details, photos & videos!

  3. Reviews, email & web links.  We'll drive traffic to the advertiser.  Includes social media, maps and more!

  4. Sell banner advertising across your site!

Don't Let The Excitement End At Launch!

Our method for your Best Of program is to keep the excitement going until your next best of event!  Advertisers will quickly learn the value of your program as they earn more business throughout the year.  Visitors also get engaged with  hash-tags, reviews and ratings.  We can even submit Yelp reviews from your site!

Custom Fields

Create custom fields to show deep information about products.

Photos and Video

Show the product, and create your own video product reviews with the photo gallery and video features.


Feature deals to show where to get the product and drive sales to your advertisers.

Data Import

Importing and updating data is easy with the web based importing system. Additionally, you can make bulk updates to existing data using the same system.


The easy to use review system allows visitors to add their own ratings, and you to moderate the content.

Visually Stunning

Photo Galleries and Video allow you to put products on a stage by creating detailed product videos, giving your site the content advantage.

The Best of Solutions Grows With Your Needs

With a combination of features and design, there is no better system for creating an online catalog. Our mobile apps allow users to take it on the go!

Every contest ends with a full color magazine!

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