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Competitive with National Brands

With housing values on the rise and more competition for renters, this could be a great time to launch a solution that can deliver more than all of the .coms crowing the space online.  Let’s face it … people look and live local!  A best in class solution can include special pricing, deals, reviews, content and more!  A great application for media or Apartment Associations.  A great member benefit with plenty of upsell opportunities!  Public facing websites drive traffic to the listings.  Heavy reporting and great SEO strategy delivers for apartment managers!

Integrated Mapping

Search and filter listings using a map view. The system also has a location detection feature to auto fill a visitor's location.

Deals & Coupons

Deals and Coupons are some of the most effective ways to bring sales to your advertisers. Property managers can launch deals and specials, with a cap (i.e. 10 deals).

Built To Scale

You can build your business from a single market experience with thousands of listings, to a network of sites from your other markets … accommodating millions of listings! You could become a state or regional rental guide!

Feature Rich Content!

Each participating community gets a page view.

  1. Supports branding & multiple locations.

  2. Plenty of room for floor plans, details, photos & videos!

  3. Reviews, email & web links.  We'll drive traffic to the location or through lead-gen.  Includes social media, maps and more!

  4. Sell banner advertising across your site or sell special to ancillary services & Realtors!!

Important elements like floor plans keep you competitive.  Click on the floor plan!


Sophisticated consumers want to read reviews before making their final purchase decisions. The review engine also allows advertisers to have a quick managerial response to a visitor's review/rating with optional moderation settings.

Visually Stunning

Photo Galleries and Video allow you to put products on a stage by creating detailed product videos, giving your site the content advantage.

Search Engine Optimized

Users will find what they want by utilizing our full category system, where you can search by proximity, keywords, etc. Local Search is a competitive field, our solution has been optimized to drive organic traffic and give you a leg up on the competition.

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