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Dining guides that succeed start with Best of Programs. Whether you are focused on a niche geographic area, or a certain specialty, we are the easiest way to launch a new dining guide, perfect for larger Restaurant Associations or media organizations that hold annual Best of competitions.

The Dining Guide Your Visitors Will Use

and Your Restaurants Will Love!


Include badges for best of placement, Association honors and more! Attach to listings to help visitors find what they are looking for.

Menu Upload

Restaurant owners can easily upload their menus in PDF or other formats, which give visitors excellent content, while also creating less hassle for the owners by avoiding the need to re-key data.

Focus on Design & Imagery

Design and imagery make all the difference, your dining guide will look stunning.

Comprehensive Reviews

Reviews are critical for a restaurant guide. Users can add detailed reviews, and advertisers can respond with Management Response.  Integrates with Yelp!

Rich Detail

With the custom fields, you can add unique content to your directory, and inform visitors about features such as valet parking or if a restaurant has gluten-free options for example.

Advanced Filtering

Filter down by neighborhood, cuisine type, or price to find exactly what you are looking for.

Young customers at restaurant.

Feature Rich Content!

Each participating restaurant gets a Feature Page!  

  1. Supports Branding

  2. Plenty of room for details, photos & videos!

  3. Reviews, email & web links.  We'll drive traffic to the advertiser.  Includes social media, maps and more!

  4. Sell banner advertising across your site for deals and specials.

Easy to upload menus!

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